Greetings citizens of the Internet! Netizens? No. You know what? No. That’s such a lame-o Internet thing to do, replacing one syllable of a word with “net” just because we’re on the Internet. Like the word netiquette. What is up with that? I will not be party to that sort of nonsense.

…where was I?

Oh yes, welcoming you netizens citizens of the Internet to this website. As you may be aware, it’s called Professionally Stupid (dot) Com. See? It says it up there ^? I am totally not lying to you.

Right now.

So you might be wondering “say what is this nonsense website and who on earth is this bozo jabbering away at me in this already preposterously over-long welcome post?”

That’s quite a mouthful you’re wondering, person I’m imagining reading this. Let me explain. This is the home of Professionally Stupid, a comedy and video production troupe consisting of myself (Paul Douglas), Liam Smith and Matthew Eldridge. Aided and abetted by our good friend Richard White.

So why does it it exist? Two reasons, to make fine insanity and also advance our careers as purveyors of entertaining nonsense, so that we might finance my absurd ice cream obsession.

Also, we were prompted to take this step as a way to complete the Student Initiated Project Module on the Television And Broadcasting BSc (Hons) course we are all studying at the University of Portsmouth.

So anyway, we have now made it our aim to entertain the Internet with our unique brand of nonsense. Check back for more!


Sound off like ya got a pair!

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