Professionally Stupid is a Comedy/Production Troupe established in 2012 by Liam Smith, Matthew Eldridge & Paul Douglas – three University of Portsmouth Students studying Television & Broadcasting who have a shared passion for making people laugh (And otherwise making fools of themselves). Joining them, Richard White, a fourth Student of the same course sharing those same passions.

Paul, Matt & Liam are accomplished broadcasters & comedians, as well as writers – both for presented and performed content – with experience in web video, television and radio.

Richard is a skilled photographer, cameraman, producer & editor, who assists the other three with taking the insanity that flows so freely from their minds and covering it into a concentrated form for easy convenient consumption by you, the viewers! And readers and listeners and…You get the picture.

Professionally Stupid is the result of pooling the group’s resources and talents. We produce web videos of several flavours (including sketches), write funny things for you to read, make amusing radio shows and more. We’re also fully capable of working on a broad range of content types including factual, drama, sport & more as required.

We’re also available for hire if you have a particular piece of entertainment you need produced and you lack the resources to do it yourself.

Sound off like ya got a pair!

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